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We have history. 

Gibson Media has been serving Restaurants Unlimited, Inc. - a Seattle-based Restaurant Ownership Group for over 16+ years - helping market their 20 distinct brands across the United States.


Early Years


Cost efficiency and measurability of media was of primary importance to RUI as they approached advertising initiatives in the  new millennium (2001). As a result, much of our media efforts involved strategically selecting direct mail data list providers and creating powerful direct mail campaigns that afforded measurable opportunities.

Our success with these early initiatives led the RUI team to expand their toolkit to include print, tv, outdoor, and radio.




We also started helping RUI market special product-driven promotions nationally. We built comprehensive multi-brand print campaigns to announce the arrival of special offers (eg. Copper River Salmon) at many of the brand locations around the country.



Sports Sponsorships


In select markets, where we wanted to deliver the masses, we negotiated annual sports broadcast partnerships with teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Minnesota Twins, etc. and the regional brand in the corresponding city (e.g. Pittsburgh Palomino).

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Annual Planning

Gibson Media began moving RUI to a more cohesive annual planning structure starting in 2007 for all brands, markets, and units. This approach allowed the internal marketing team, the restauranteurs, and our media and creative team all to be on the same page for every promotion coming up in the year to come. Significant efficiencies have been realized.



Promotions To drive multi-brand efficiencies, we have regularly helped push fixed price promotions through targeted digital, out of home, and direct mail strategies (eg. “3 Course Deal”).

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Grand Openings


Henrys Tavern

With a company like RUI, we are always finding ourselves launching/promoting the grand opening of a new concept or restaurant location. We are intimately involved in developing awareness and traffic-driving strategies to ensure that each location is a success.


Grand Re-Openings

Palomino - Indianapolis

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Cutter’s Crabhouse - Seattle

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Whether it’s launching a new restaurant location or boosting sales in one of their 45 restaurants all over the country, Gibson Media has consistently provided solid strategies to drive the restaurant goer through the door.

In a testimonial letter, Gibson Media was referred as: “Media buyers on steroids.”
— Roger Stilson, Former Vice President of Marketing Restaurants Unlimited