Since 2013, Kitsap Credit Union, the third largest credit union in Washington State, has relied upon Gibson Media for its creative approach to Advertising, Media Strategy, Buying and Analysis.

Having grown tired of status quo advertising plans, Kitsap Credit Union was looking for an innovative approach to reach working individuals in market for Auto, Home and Visa Loans. KCU needed a firm that was able to provide in-depth reporting and analysis to stakeholders. 


”From strategy to implementation, the Gibson Media team proves their worth. But, what really separates them is the joy they have in serving others. They are vested in the success of their clients and exhibit the same delight we experience when we see our key performance indicators improving.”

Leah Olson, VP of Marketing, Kitsap Credit Union




Gibson Media regularly conducts research for Kitsap Credit Union to evaluate potential markets, consumer opinion, and define strategic business opportunities. We distill our findings into comprehensive reports and marketing recommendations for the President, Board of Directors, and Senior Leadership Team. These strategies serve as a guide for the ensuing year for Kitsap Credit Union's marketing and advertising plans.

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Data Analysis

Gibson Media has conducted additional data analysis for Kitsap Credit Union, determining where key prospective customer segments exist.



Visual Identity / Brand Style Guide Development

In 2018, Kitsap Credit Union needed to update their entire brand in order to create a more cohesive look that accurately captured their values. They desired to refresh their logo and color palate, develop Brand Guidelines, a new tagline, and brand voice which captured their colorful, vibrant, and optimistic spirit.

The Gibson Media team created a fresh Kitsap Credit Union brand to function across all marketing channels: inside and outside of KCU branches, in print, online, in mobile applications, in video, etc. An in-depth Brand Guidelines was developed to showcase the brand in clear and inspiring ways that enables designers and teams across the organization to apply the look and style across multiple mediums, marketing materials, and deliverables as effectively as possible.

Whether it's working within the confines of existing Brand Guidelines or developing a brand from the ground up, Gibson Media specializes in creating campaigns that get noticed and drive desired business goals.


Brand Launch Video + Video Asset Creation



Digital: SEM

We have employed a diverse array of media strategies to help drive the bottom line for KCU.

In particular, one low funnel tool we manage that has proven how meticulous we are with media placement, buying, and monitoring is Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Since giving Gibson Media rights of stewardship, KCU's impressions have doubled, and monthly clicks have jumped 1,400% consistently. Click through rates have jumped from 1.7-2.1% averages to 8.16-17.64% averages with Gibson Media.

Digital: Display

Gibson Media has helped Kitsap Credit Union transform into a more sophisticated digital marketer.

We have led them strategically in the use of effective targeting tactics by geography, online behaviors, past purchases, and affinity. 

Our continual optimization - throughout the day, month over month, year over year, has led to tremendous ongoing results for the brand, and their product lines (eg. home loans, auto loans, visa loans, checking & savings accounts, etc.)