Muli-Platform Campaigns


Gibson Media was enlisted by the Alliance for Pioneer Square (APS) to test the Pioneer Square product against current and prospective visitors in the fall of 2010 and build an effective advertising strategy. Information gathered from internal stakeholder mood groups and multiple focus groups have helped guide the development of all of our media campaigns and the “Share the Square” brand to date. 

Initially, Pioneer Square was thought of as a “place for the homeless” and a “pass through destination on the way to the stadium.” Together with APS, we have built the community and its perception into one of Seattle’s burgeoning restaurant districts. Our neighborhood branding and “First Thursday Art Walk” campaigns have been instrumental in helping move perceptions, traffic counts, and neighborhood development and improvement over the years.


Since 2010, we have developed marketing campaigns utilizing a wide cross section of platforms (print, broadcast, transit, digital, social media, and mobile strategies) to drive visitation and increase neighborhood awareness.

Creating engagement

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.48.13 PM.png


The Alliance for Pioneer Square wanted to drive visitor engagement in and around Pioneer Square.


 Gibson Media developed an interactive mobile ad that provided various features for engagement. One feature prompted users to visit Pioneer Square in order to create and share a custom user-generated postcard. Users could snap a selfie and modify it with a number of “stickers” themed around the neighborhood.

Upon creating a postcard, users were then invited to share their creation via email and social media, further extending the earned reach of the campaign.


“Our Digital Experience has seen terrific results. More than half of the audience who clicked on our ads actually engaged with the experience, which is a sky-high conversion rate for paid media.”

Lisa Dixon, Chief Operating Officer Alliance for Pioneer Square


“Gibson Media has helped us meet and exceed our marketing goals. From the initial meeting through the end of each campaign, they have demonstrated they are experts in their field. Their services have helped us expand our advertising reach as well as complete extensive research initiatives.”

Leslie Smith, Executive Director, Alliance for Pioneer Square